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Swimming pool access and rules


gite rental holiday rental

In order to guarantee maximum safety for all, to make your stay pleasant and to keep the facilities in good condition, tenants are requested to comply with the swimming pool rules and undertake to respect the safety and hygiene instructions in everyone's interest.

The following points should be observed and adhered to.


Article 1 – Anyone who has not accepted the said regulations by signing at the bottom of the copy given by the owner is not entitled to pool access.

Swimwear is compulsory in the swimming pool.


Article 2 – The swimming pool area is open to tenants from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. then from 2:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m., except in cases of force majeure (bad weather – cleaning, etc.).


Article 3 – The swimming pool being a private swimming pool, its use is reserved only for the members of the family of the owners and their friends and for the tenants staying in the gites.

The owners remind the users of the swimming pool of the absence of surveillance of the swimming pool, consequently this is the responsibility of adults vis-à-vis all the tenants registered in their contract.


Article 4 – Any child under the age of 16, unaccompanied by an adult parent, is not authorized to access the pool area.

They must be under the supervision of a responsible adult who knows how to swim (in order to avoid any risk of accident, we ask you to watch young children in particular).

Under no circumstances should children be left alone at the edge of the pool.

If necessary, when swimming, babies must be equipped with special nappies.


Article 5 – A maximum of 6 people are allowed in the swimming pool at the same time.


Article 6 – Pool users undertake:

-  To take a shower before bathing and not to bathe after using sun cream or oil, to use their personal bath sheets exclusively...

-  To access the swimming pool area with shoes.

-  Drinks will be brought in plastic containers.


Article 7 – It is forbidden to:

-  Bathing at night

-  To throw or push someone into the water.

-  To use soap or any other similar product in the pool.

-  To splash the participants in the swim, to get the water out of the pool by any means "bomb in the water" etc...

-  To shout and organize violent games around and in the swimming pool.

-  To urinate in water.

-  To throw objects, stones, or any other thing into the water. (Any material damaged or destroyed will be invoiced to the manager).

-  Run around the pool, run on the deck and the lawn when they are wet (risk of slipping and/or injury)

-  Clutter the pool with inflatable objects. A tolerance for ball games is granted as long as they do not disturb anyone.

-  It is strictly forbidden to access the technical room and to touch the electrical installations.

-  The use of buoys and other equipment is the responsibility of the tenants.


The swimming pool area being a place of tranquility and relaxation, please respect the other people present around the swimming pool area.


Article 8 – All users of the swimming pool must be covered by defense and recourse liability insurance and acknowledge that they release the owners from all liability in terms of security related to the supervision of all persons participating in the stay.


Article 9 – The owners, on repeated breaches of one of the articles, may withdraw the authorization they previously granted without compensation whatsoever.


Article 10 – The garden furniture available around the swimming pool is the responsibility of the users who must take all measures and precautions to keep it in good condition.

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